What's So Good About BCS?

Posted by Stephen Catfish Thomas on Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 at 4:00pm.

Depends on who you ask!  Some say it's Texas A&M.  No argument here.  Where would we be without the excitement, the notoriety, the income and stability that Texas A&M brings?  I could go on and on about dear ol' Texas Aggies!

But we are more than just a university filled with pride and traditions.  We are a hub for non-profits, full of civic and national pride, an ever-growing city (cities) with small town feel and conservative values.

  MIA Vietnam badgesculpture

Last Saturday, May 30th, over 1,000 locals gathered at Veterans Park in College Station to view the newly dedicated Vietnam War Memorial sculpture. A war that happened 50 years ago, but still is etched in the memory of so many.  My husband is a veteran of this war who served without question in the name of his country.  God bless America!

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